What Is Ethical Hacking?

What Is Ethical Hacking? Ethical Hacking is defined as the process by which system vulnerabilities are discovered to ensure system security. This is achieved with the help of hacking techniques and tools An ethical hacker is a trained individual who carries out this duty. Ethical Hackers are also known as white-hat hackers. The Certified Ethical … Read more

Virtual Reality

Advantages of using VR in business Technology has radically changed the way that all industries work, with virtual reality at the forefront of this revolution. Businesses can create exciting virtual environments which are not only engaging and entertaining, but also offer savings in time and cost as well as reducing risks associated with real environments. … Read more

Face Recognition / I.A.

Imagine the possibilities of having advertisements located according to gender, age and the level of happiness of people who are passing by … At the bus stop, at the entrance to stores, shopping mall, within the metro and many other possibilities. Directing your product exactly at the correct audience. See a small example that I … Read more