Who we are?

Founded in 1999Visual Net is dedicated to developing solutions to manage and optimize work processes, projects build knowledge and create innovative products that raise the level of productivity of their customers.

A Visual Net is a plan focused on customer needs, committing themselves always with the final quality of the project and the deadlines.

The standardization of processes and information sharing are also assumptions of the ideology of the company.

Another relevant point and differential Net Visual is attending to different areas of a company.

“On Demand Solution” – Develop your own system. We develop, integrate, automate.

* Accelerate your R.O.I. (Return Of Investment) with our products and services

* Get ahead with our advanced technology and stand out in your business. Give more feedback than expected, surprise!

See how our customers (small, medium or large), using our tools and how to use them is essential.

Check how our technology can help a lot in day to day of your business

Special Projects and Products to meet your needs

A Visual Net is a company specialized in providing IT solutions to businesses of varying sizes and sectors.

Is a Spanish / Brazilian company with products used internationally.

A Visual Net provides software and provides services, implementing enterprise solutions in two segments of the information technology: developed tailored solutions and turnkey systems that promote productivity and collaborative work.

As part of its business strategy, the Visual Net is constantly investing in new technologies and improvement of its employees, privileging the quality and applicability of products, to form a portfolio capable of meeting all the needs of its current customers.

Currently, Visual Net has outstanding products and a national and international area experienced project development tailor who, over 25 years, have been implementing solutions mature and reliable for the corporate market.

Technical Support, experienced consultants, administrative structure and agile working in partnership with the client complete the vocation of Visual Net to offer the very best services in information technology and software for collaborative work aimed at optimizing processes.

A Visual Net also has an experienced team of project development under special measure, which implements mature and reliable solutions for the corporate market.